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Player Registration


Contact Ryan Scheffler regarding 2019 house league registration. 

WBA Player Eligibility Guidelines

Players that live within the Willmar School District boundaries, attend school at a Willmar Public School (WPS) or attend Community Christian School (CCS) are eligible to participate in Willmar Baseball Association (WBA) traveling baseball.

Players that live outside the boundaries in a surrounding community may be eligible only if their community does not offer traveling baseball. If there is a bona fide baseball association or youth traveling baseball offered in the player’s home community, the player would not be eligible unless waived by their home community baseball association. Each player applying to play WBA traveling baseball from an outside community needs to complete the “Official Player Waiver” application. Each application will be reviewed on an individual basis by the WBA Tournament committee and would require MYAS approval.

The following guidelines also apply to all WBA players and teams. Teams that do not comply with the WBA policies and standards will not recognized by this WBA and will be deemed as a renegade/or All-star team.

WBA Player eligibility Guidelines.

  1. Player lives within Willmar School district, attends WPS or CCS.
  2. Lives in a surrounding community that does not offer Traveling baseball
  3. Players are allowed to play on only 1 team. Players will not play on any other traveling team during the summer season which includes playing on MYAS or MBT traveling league. Participation in local rec league on a team would be permitted so long as they don’t participate in a weekend tournament.
  4. If there is a traveling baseball team in the player’s home community, the player is required to obtain an “Official Player Waiver” form. The player waiver form releases the player from their home baseball association. The player waiver form must be approved by WBA, MYAS baseball commissioner and MYAS board of advisors.
  5. If a player is approved to be eligible to play within WBA, that player will be eligible to play on AAA, AA, or A based on their skill level and team availability.  
  6. Players must play at their age level (for example: a 12 yr old player must play 12u Team). Players will only be allowed to play up an age level if number of players require it. Players that have a birthday between May 1 and August 31 will have the choice to play at their school grade or age level. Each player needs to be individually approved by WBA.
  7. Players live or attend school in Willmar will be given priority over players that do not live within Willmar School district or attend WPS or CCS.